Inca Trail Packing List

The Inca Trail!!!! This was absolutely the highlight of my trip to Peru but also the cause of most of my pre-trip anxiousness and omg what do I pack, how do I train for it, am I going to be able to do it, etc. So naturally, I had to write about it so that you’ll have everything you need with you to have the most amazing Inca Trail experience!

Below is my packing list of what I brought on the Inca Trail as well as the things I wish I had brought with me and ended up borrowing from other people in my group! Also, keep in mind that there are strict rules on weight limits and you’ll have a small duffel bag (double check with your specific tour guide / group but your guide should provide your duffel) that cannot exceed 6 kilos. The 6 kilos includes your sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner which tends to weigh around 2 kilos so you really only have 4 kilos for everything else you’ll need! Of course whatever you decide to wear or carry in your backpack / day bag does not count since you’re carrying that with you every day… but keep in mind when hiking all day long and often times up steep inclines, you’re going to want as little weight as possible in your day backpack!

I’ll outline what I carried around in my backpack vs what I packed in my duffel as well as what I wore every day! I’m also including links at the bottom of the page to specific things / brands that I had with me and loved! Keep in mind that as a blogger when you buy things from my links often times I’ll get a small commission off of it (with no extra cost to you of course) which is amazing and helps let me keep doing what I’m doing and providing these recs for you! So definitely check out those links when you’re buying anything you might need for the trip.

What to pack in your day backpack:

  • Phone / camera for photos
  • Sporty sunglasses (that will stay on your face when you get sweaty!)
  • Sun hat / baseball hat
  • Hair tie(s)
  • Sunscreen & lip balm with SPF
  • Bug spray
  • Rain poncho
  • Layer(s) (Thin active wear zip up / fleece for mornings or evenings)
  • 2 water bottles (I carried my Swell bottle & a lighter weight silicone bottle)
  • Diamox / any brand of altitude sickness prevention meds (start taking 2 days prior)
  • Electrolyte / liquid IV powder packets to add to water to help keep you hydrated
  • Magnesium tablets (when taking Diamox, its good to replenish your Magnesium!)
  • Tailfeathers wipes (if you end up having altitude sickness, these are clutch)
  • Immodium (again, if you get altitude sickness, this is a must…!)
  • Toilet Paper (most bathroom’s don’t have it, I brought a full roll and needed more)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gloves (I had thin ones but they were helpful in the mornings and at night)
  • Warm hat / beanie (for the mornings and at the top of deadwoman’s pass)
  • Snacks (I brought cliff bars which were perfect, our tour group also provided a lot of snacks for us to grab each morning and put in our backpacks for the day)
  • Head torch / head lamp light (could technically put this in your duffel but one day there was a medical emergency and so we were late and by the time we made it back to camp that night it was totally dark and we walked at least an hour in the total darkness so it is handy to have it on you rather than in your duffel and then you can only use it for the campsite at night if you need to use the bathroom)

What to pack in your duffel bag:

  • Baby wipes for your face since you won’t have any where to really wash your face
  • Underarm wipes since you won’t have anywhere to shower and deodorant
  • Toothbrush and mini toothpaste
  • 3-4 pairs of active leggings or 2 pairs of hiking pants (I brought 3 pairs of leggings)
  • 3-4 tank tops and sports bras (I brought 3 of each and wore day 1 tank & sports bra again on day 4)
  • 2 long sleeved active shirts (I brought 1 active wear long sleeve shirt and 1 active wear thin zip up)
  • 1 fleece for wearing around the campsite at night, while you sleep and maybe in the mornings
  • 1 jacket or thick wool / alpaca jacket for wearing during dinner / at night
  • Turtleneck or thermal long underwear for sleeping
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping bag liner (I rented these from my tour group which was really easy and perfect because I didn’t have to carry them around with me during the rest of my Peru trip, but a lot of people bring their own sleeping bag liner)
  • Sandals for wearing around the campsite in the evenings (its nice to take off your hiking boots before dinner) and for when you need to go to the bathroom at night
  • Battery power pack to charge your phone at night (theres no service or wifi but even with my phone on airplane mode and not using internet I charged it twice because I kept taking pictures and videos with it)

What I wore every day:

  • Sports bra
  • Tank top
  • Thin active wear zip up (always started wearing it, took it off during / after inclines)
  • Fleece (I often started out wearing this in the mornings but quickly took it off and put it in my backpack so if you get warm easily you might only want it for at night)
  • Athletic / active wear leggings (most people wore hiking pants but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy them, they also don’t seem as comfortable from my opinion but if you have hiking pants and like them then feel free! but if you’re used to always exercising in leggings like me, just stick with them, they were perfect)
  • Wool blend socks
  • Mid rise waterproof hiking boots (I’ve seen sites say that you can wear regular tennis shoes or sneakers but I highly advise against that, if it is raining at all there are so many very slippery areas / rocks and just generally there is a lot of uneven rocks, stairs, etc. so I think the ankle support is very helpful and good traction is a must)
  • Baseball hat / sun hat
  • Sporty sunglasses
  • Don’t Bite Me bug repellent patch (I think they really worked! I only got 1 mosquito bite the entire Inca Trail!)
  • Hiking poles (I’d never hiked with poles before but the guide convinced us to rent them and I’m so glad I did, they were clutch for hiking up the steep areas – especially when I was tired – and were very helpful for going down the steep parts)

I hope this is helpful! I wrote lists upon lists as I was preparing and packing for this trip and kept adding and taking things off the list not knowing which things I definitely needed vs not so hoping this can help paint a clearer picture for you! Happy packing!

Click each link below to see a list of different items I mentioned above and thought were perfect for hiking the Inca Trail!

Also, check out my Instagram to follow more of my travel adventures and pictures! I even have story highlights from the Inca Trail!

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